Tuesday 15 November 2016

503 Vastse-Kuuste and Leevijõe 22.07.2016

This is yet another place I have wanted to visit for blocks for a decade at least. It happened to be part of my almost failed bicycle trip because it was raining. But I still could take photos depsite the drizzle, and what I saw was very nice.

Such 2-and-3-storeyed blocks seem to be attempt to build something less single-rectangle-like and hence should probably have cosier feel.

This architecture I have seen in Tartu and also Tallinn (Vanemuise street).

Very nice. There is a similar one, and almost a single example, in Põlva.

Seems to be more typical in Southern Estonia than I thought, they are in many places, and also in Northern part I think.

There is a similar block from early 1990's in Veriora and other places.

Camera started getting blurry from rain.

Mushrooms, like in Elva, but smaller.

This one looks like a recently built new house for kindergarten.

Entrance from Põlva-Tartu road side.

This should be a little further south in Leevijõe.

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