Saturday 14 March 2015

360 Orissaare 07.2014

Before getting to Kuressaare, some buses go through a small town Orissaare. Here are some photos taken from the bus window.


359 Nelijärve 2005 and 2014

Few photos of this resort place right next to a lake, especially the soviet-time hotel.

The algebra workshop took place in Nelijärve this year so I saw this building first time. This is the back part.

Inside of some house there, I can't remember which one exactly. Maybe this very same hotel because there isn't any other building that could have such interior. This view is fascinating, it's incredibly nostalgic, like a view to the past, 1970's.

It is nice but I like the old version more.

Front part of the hotel.

And side.

358 Muraste 05.06.2011

I don't know yet if Muraste, another area close to Tallinn, has any real blocks but here are some photos of some modern houses, streetviews and more.

That house has an interesting address.

Translated, this is Triple 33...

Perfect choice for colours!

And now the frightening construction for those who are afraid of heights. Think twice or find an alternative way to get down to beach.

Tallinn is not too far away, although this is zoomed 12 times.

This is as high as a 5-storeyed house! That part was the most frightening.

On the way back to Tallinn.