Sunday 22 February 2015

352 Daugavpils in May 2011, part 10 of 10

This place was the last for me in Daugavpils, but nowhere near the least. That place was so nice!

Well, well, well, how did I got there... It's a private balcony, isn't it?

And this is an apartment... Yes, it is.
It happened that when I went inside of one of the corridors, I saw an old woman trying to get a man little older than me to get upstairs. The man had legs, but didn't walk at all, and didn't seem to be drunk. Then I just helped him to get to some 5th floor or so, which wasn't any easy task. It turned out that that woman was his mother and his son was disabled. She was so thankful that she offered me some tea and we tried to talk, although my Russian was too bad to say anything, we barely understood each other :) It was awkward. She thought I was God-send that day. Poor family. That was an example of very hard life that may be reality in such blocks. But I used the chance and took photos from windows then.

Look who's there. When did you wash yourself last time?

I was too tired again and took the public transport to the centre. Tickets were sold by a person in the bus, by the way.