Tuesday 30 August 2016

469 Maarjamõisa 2015-2016

This area in Tartu doesn't have quite blocks but still some interesting architecture.

This and other buildings are probably the reason for the name of this area: Manor of Mary (Maarjamõisa) or something like that.

This is very interesting and beautiful!

I like this building. It's like a resort not hospital. It is probably children's hospital.

Few more private houses from 1960's that look very nice. They are probably right next to each other.

This is the field part of this area with educational houses and dormitories.

This is the new Physicum, that is, the house for physics department in University of Tartu. I think it is terrible. It looks like a prison and students have to learn in this for years... It looks so uninviting. I was shocked when I saw the renders of this house even before it was built. And before, department of physics had one of the most beautiful houses in Tartu at the beginning of Tähe street. That house was so beautiful that it was one of the reasons I bought my first camera. But this one...

This is one of the dormitories at Nooruse street. Since there was, or still is, a medical school nearby, maybe it was particularly for those students.

This house was one of the first new houses that University of Tartu built. Earlier, it was more in the centre but this area here is close to the edge of Tartu.

This house was maybe the second in this area, I remember this from old times. Maybe it was IT-related, not sure.

I don't know what that will be.


Now they are finished. I am glad that something higher was built in this area. Maybe this is replacement for the old building closer to Riia (Riga) street, maybe not.

Seen from railway station.