Friday 30 December 2016

521 Juhkentali 2016

This is a smaller area close to the centre.



I like this house but in summer the trees prevent the light coming in.

At the edge of Kalev stadium where national dancing festival usually takes place.

Thursday 29 December 2016

520 Raua and Kadriorg 05.04.2015

I have also visited this very nice pre-block area in Tallinn where many houses are from the first republic, some were added in soviet time, some are brand new. I crossed over to Kadriorg too and I am not sure where to draw the line so here are all those photos.

Seen from close to Narva road which was behind my back.

I like this one a lot.

There are more chances to get a good result with three colours than with only two. I would say that any two from these three don't go nicely together but since there are three, it is a little bit better.

That unfortunate renovated house. For me, the colour seletion was a disaster -- nice house ruined! Who on earth live there who decide to do such terrible things...

This is close to Narva road again.

The ruined house from back. It just doesn't fit.

Raua sauna. The flag is flag of Tallinn. Jaak Juske wrote that those three stripes were originally three blue lions! And white colour came from yellow after it was naturally bleached on the presence of sun and wind.

This very beautiful house used to be brown. Thankfully, this colour suits just as well so I enjoy this one as before.

This was most probably Hilton hotel. I don't know what they did with the basement of St. Paul church, the building of which was once started there, stopped because of lack of money, and after WWII, later in 1960's, Kungla hotel was built there instead (and was totally degraded later by painting with hideous colour combination, sad end).

I am surprised that there is a building like this, I have completely forgotten it and where exactly was it.

Looks like mid 00's.

That one looks fabulous, 4 levels!

Simple and beautiful.

Did we really need such in the middle of old Kadriorg wooden houses?

On Weizenbergi street.