Thursday 27 August 2015

379 Kallavere 2012, part 3 of 3

Continuing the trip on 22.04.12.

There was a problem between these two...

Tsiidsokõnõ, ärq kaegu tah ni kurasti.

Tsiidsokõnõ, ärq olku nii võhl midägi, lase no tõsõl kah ellä ja ringi kävve.

I think I left them there without seeing a resolution.

Remarkably nice view.

Looks like a school. Very very nice example from that era.

There are some like this in Männiku in Tallinn.

There are such houses in Ülejõe in Tartu. I think such houses are also common in Russia.

Neoblock area.

Seen from TV tower. From here, it all looks so much smaller and compact. From right to left.