Tuesday 8 November 2016

498 Nõo 2015-2016

I have visited this place again during my trips. I was surprised how different it looks now. I have old photos, also the demolition -- thankfully I took them in due time -- in my post nr. 127.

This is the elementary school -- new colours. Looks very nice. It used to be yellow.

Wow! There used to be tilted glass panels for plants instead of this nice brown part.

Also, the entrance to the gymnasium part has been brought into another place, into the new part. The old part is visible at right, green is already new.

Instead of this "part" there used to be a corridor to the "arvutuskeskus", that is, "computing centre", or the place where the lessons about the computer architecture and programming took place, and as well where the computer and terminal classes used to be. I liked that old corridor a lot, just like the rest of that building -- which by now is gone forever. Post nr. 127 has the old photos.

Leaving Nõo towards Luke. I have never been in this part before.

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