Thursday 9 May 2019

631 Võru 2017

Some photos from the Kubija area which is at the edge of the city. A place where I hadn't been before and I was surprised. One of my favourite cities in Estonia got bigger for me. After having been here I found out accidentally that I hadn't seen one of the biggest buildings in Võru, the Kubija hospital. It was just out of the map and also, it isn't visible from any of the roads. That building is yet to be seen and discovered.

As seen from the road to Valga.

A hotel with a spa,

Kubija kämping, right in front of the hotel. Very nice and nostalgic looking main house... There's a lake nearby too with a very nice beach for swimming.

Even buses have that Võromaa slogan "Aigu om" (Estonian "Aega on", English "There's (enough) time").

Big lake Tamula. There's even a bigger one behind it, Vagula.

I think this is a former factory called "Võru gaasianalüsaatorite tehas".

A Navitrolla painting, he is from Navi village in Võru county. One of my favourite artists. It is right next to coach station.

Two shots from the bus.