Sunday 30 October 2011

037 Nõmme 2006, 2007, 2009

Some few shots from Nõmme. There are not so much block buildings but still there are some. I include some older buildings as well.

Amazing buildings in Trummi and Külmallika streets.


This house was so nice! Was, because now it has been renovated or repainted to yellow and red... Such a misnomer for such a nice house, especially when considering how it was. That's how it was! Location in the central square of Nõmme, right next to the Pärnu road.

Old market building is visible, before renovation and burn-down after that and rebuild after that... But my attention was on the right side of course.

Very nice landscape-street architecture in addition to the nice building!

One of my favourite cars is also here.

That's pretty much fantastic!

036 Mustamäe in June 2006

Views from my window. Perfect, I would say.

In the very special area again, Sõpruse avenue!

A unique building again, from the beginning of 1990's.

I wanted to visit this place because this circle was also visible in an old Estonian comedy movie.

Keskuse street.

This one is now renovated.

Mustamäe way.

One example of renovation.


Very careful shot!

That is in the edge of Mustamäe and Väike-Õismäe, I stand in Väike-Õismäe part.

Wonderful! Ehitajate (Builders') way. Without zoom.

Maximum zoom.

My camera didn't have so much zoom so I made a picture through my binoculars :-) Compare with the previous picture, this one is much closer.

Such a nice view in front of my house, like a life in 1980's...

035 Mustamäe April and May 2006

After a long time I decided to continue showing my journeys in blockbuilding areas and of course I will show my dear Mustamäe first, in spring 2006. Spring is my favourite time of year...

I used to live close to this area. Such a nice and cool towerblocks!

This is one of the real beauties of Mustamäe!

Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda or something like that (printing house).

I had no idea back then that I will start living in this are after some years... These views are stunning!! Just the best!

Not yet renovated...

Amazing view!!!

From my window. I loved those sunsets a lot, I really miss them.

Like a concentration camp... But actually these buildings are part of a big scientific (information technology) complex in Mustamäe. Now they demolish some old and build new. Skype headquarter is also close to here.


This picture is a bit special. I saw a dream some time after I had seen these buildings and I saw that I opened this gate (the gate was not so translucent as this one though) and I saw a different time and different people from us behind that, they were in the past. Yea, in this side of the gate I was in a current time and on the other side there was past...

12.05.2006, Sääse-Siili areas (Gnat-Hedgehog areas).

This is one of the unique buildings in Mustamäe. So beautiful, but already renovated by today.

I like these unrenovated buildings... Well, at least outside.



Sõpruse (Friendship) avenue.

14.05.2006, Szolnok area.
Again from my window. I saw lots of interesting clouds from there.

Now these buildings are renovated.

And this one is renovated too. I am so happy that I could grasp it before that.