Thursday 22 September 2011

034 Varstu 12.07.2011

I visited Southern Estonia again this summer and made my longest bicycle trip (more than 120 km in two days, 80 km in one day). The main "results" follow (like mathematicians often say in papers).

That is the local school - a high school by the way.

This is one of the symbols of Varstu for me because I've driven through Varstu several times in the past when I came from Põlva county to get to Hargla to see my grandmother. There was a longer busstop in Varstu all the time. This busstop has been heavily graffitied, then, I remember, it was all painted over with one color, but as we can see, not for too long. Local high school students of course, who else.

This view is also very familiar, but first time I am there on my bike and I can go and dig deeper and closer to that building and...

... and to my big surprise there were more commieblocks! This house was abandoned...

Very typical in Estonian countryside. I lived in a similar one.

I really enjoyed being there! Such a nice and cozy place! There was a wooden church even!