Monday 30 January 2012

077 Mustamäe in January and February 2008


A former cross of Ehitajate way and Keskuse street. Now it has been reconstructed.

A sad and depressing view from the kitchen window?... Not for me! :)


One of the unique buildings in Mustamäe. Slim windows look cool outside, but I don't think it's nice to live in a room with narrow window.

Now they build extra 4 floors on top of this new building.

Very nice and brand new computer-related college or something.

It took two years to walk behind my house into that place and get such a nice view!

A morning with a UFO.

A better look.

Vilde tee 90 half renovated now!


New Sipelga living houses. They look good!

This one is my favourite!

Sunday 22 January 2012

076 Mustamäe in December 2007

View from my window. Parking is a big problem today. These living areas were not built for so many cars. This parking lot as many others is already expanded. This is looking right.

And this is view to the left.

A new dormitory will be here very soon! An old one is still there.

That is the old one.

A morning in Mustamäe.

Yes, that's the December this year, no snow.

One of the beauties!

This one is facing the one in the previous picture.