Monday 30 November 2015

392 Neuperlach in Munich, 20.10.2014, part 1 of 4

That day I spent many hours walking around in Ramersdorf-Perlach and Neuperlach. I saw something on Google maps that caught my attention and that's why I went there. Definitely worth visiting.

First some photos on my way there.

Das ist neunzehnhundertzweiundsechzig!

To the U-Bahn and then to Quiddestrasse.

So I started from the U-bahn station close to top of this map and moved left along Quiddestrasse. It is probably evident what caught my attention in this northern part of Ramersdorf-Perlach. There used to be a village called Ramer(s) if the name was taken this way.

A pedestrian bridge.

This is remarkably beautiful.

This should be view towards Ständlerstrasse (which is behind the far house).

These beauties cought my attention and made me do a diversion to north -- there were four very beautiful towerblocks.

There was a very nice and large house but not nicely visible through trees. There's a better picture later.

11 floors!

This is the house that I saw earlier through trees. It could be that it was house for elderly people but I'm not sure.