Sunday 29 January 2017

533 Centre of Tartu 2015-2016

Here are photos of the central area of Tartu and Old Town during the past two years.

Supilinn seen from the other side of Emajõgi river.

Two examples of graffiti, or something superseding it, again possible only in Tartu.

From Department Store. There is an eating place on the last floor so one can see all this from the windows. Taken with my phone.

Building of now ready Kvartal shopping/eating centre.

This is probably the backside of the nice soviet-time (Elion) house on Lai street.

Very typical brick...

... but in a very wrong place: right next to Jaani church which is on the left here. Better if this house is removed. It can be that both the church and the house(s) there got bombed during WWII and the house was just built anew, totally different of course. Behind this brick, little in the right, should be the oldest house or the oldest wooden house in Tartu, more precisely in Old Town (yes, in addition, this brick is actually in the Old Town area).


Lai street at the edge of Old Town, the backside of this nice house was already shown earlier. Sad only that this was built here in Old Town, it should be somewhere else.


Nice house in W. Struve street, close to the Library of Unviversity of Tartu.

View from Riia street towards Vanemuise street not far from Pauluse church.

Earlier photos from 26.04 were taken from those windows up there.

Main building of Tartu University.

Walking down the Lille street. Red house is brand new. It looks good, except the colour which is also not suitable for this area.

Also Lille street, soemtheing not too old.

This is in Fortuuna street, just over the river. Looks very interesting.

On Narva road, one of the dormitories and a nightclub called Tallinn!

Renovated third dormitory on Narva road. It used to be orange I think. New colours are very nice.

View on Magistri street. I used to work in one of these buildings once.

Finishing of brand new Kvartal centre.

This was on Tiigi street, close to the cross with Pepleri street.

I once took this photo, over 10 years ago, and it ain't got any better :)

Kvartal is almost finished.

A fabulous building!

Here they kind of maintained the previous building, old Department store.

A reminder from post nr. 161, 05.02.2005, that is, the same place before, same corner:

Last view.