Monday 19 February 2018

590 Lasnamäe 2017

I am glad that new towerblocks are being built in Tallinn! Taken from a bus window.

On the way back, old examples at the edge of Lasnamäe.

Something is built even there. By now I have seen that those three new buildings are very nice so they are worth a special visit.

Again the new ones at Laagna tee.

By the colour and architecture, I think they are OK.


Wow, that is also very nice.

I couldn't stand it and resist making this change. I was so against it that I even wrote to a newspaper about it and it was published. One can guess what is it.

The former Sea Academy building is being rebuilt into apartment building, to a very unique one. It was kind of abandoned for some time before this started.

This is the first sign of why I came here today. I wanted to see how it looks. It's a picture with a secret and the answer is just few pictures further away. But one can guess so far.

And this is the second photo of the things that I came to see. Namely, these plates are not just any plates, or a floor of a former building, but these were part of the former military airport before Lasnamäe was built here. These large plates are the remnants, maybe soon to disappear. Their direction and appearence is very nicely seen from aerial photos. They seem to have been put down in a wrong direction because Lasnamäe streets (this is Mustakivi area here) have different directions.

I must have seen them before and maybe I have taken photos too in the past and have uploaded them, but I had no idea then that this was a former airfield for planes.


Dear little friends.

Moscow avenue. Just a pedestrian path in Lasnamäe but at least there really is something like that.

Interstingly, the crossing pedestrians' path is called roughly Avenger avenue. The same name was actually used also in Mustamäe: the trolley and bus stop which is today called Siili (Hedgehog) also used to be Tasuja (Avenger). So Vambola and Lehola had a third counterpart in the past. But the connection between these three is too much to explain here.

This was the second reason why I came here today. I didn't know about the former picture of a girl.

Yellow rowans!

It is nice that there is space between buildings here. I guess it wasn't planned so though.


I have taken photos of this area before (post nr. 333 from January 2015) but now I got a new experience.


Now I see that the original limestone area was probably taken for a car park house! I'm not sure this was a right move, although other shops which were built in the past were also made in the similar fashion.

A surprise building in Lasnamäe. When on earth was this built? Now I found a newspaper article published ONE day before I took this photo that Lasnamäe Youth center (that's the big sign on the building) got a bigger building than they had before -- that is, this one here. I think it rather old than new.

Actually I came here to take a photo of this building.

I was little bit related to the building process of it. Now I see how it really looks, quite OK.

This was a surprise, I hadn't seen this one before, a new sports building with lots of space inside for different sports.

Yet another different building, probably more than two decades, it was a restaurant.

I reached out to Smuuli tee.