Tuesday 16 October 2012

119 Väike-Õismäe seen from Zoo

We had a night walk in the Zoo and of course I had to take photos of Väike-Õismäe blocks as well.

This beauty belongs to Rocca al Mare though.

Friday 12 October 2012

118 Väike-Õismäe in 2010


15-second shots at night. It was hard to get a clear picture.

Very nicely renovated.

Marvellous place!

Incredibly nice and cool look! A true soviet-time dream! These pictures are taken from the 9th floor.



I think on the left is seen a new tall office-house on Pärnu road. It is 5 km by bird's eye view.

The tall faraway building is hotel "Olümpia", seen from 6.3 km away.

And here the double-steepled church is 5.4 km away.

Here you can see Old Town and it's churches, the eldest of them in the center, they are all about 6.1 km away. TV-tower is at the edge.

Here you can see TV-tower, which is 15 km away (it is over 300 m high)! Oh I like long distance views a lot :)

This is in another area.

These two are very very nice ones!

From inside the shopping centre.

One of the soviet-time beauties: a posh Volga!

Here is a short video that I did when I was waiting for the bus nr. 36 to take a video from the bus window.

And here is the video itself. Bus nr. 36 starts it's long trip from Väike-Õismäe and it goes to the centre through Mustamäe and Nõmme. It is a very nice trip through one of the most amazing areas that you can ever find in Tallinn! Enjoy the looks! The bus drives at the edge of Väike-Õismäe. (If you want to see the continuation part of this bus-route through Mustamäe, please see the post nr. 112.) There is an obvious negative side as well: nr. 36 is overcrowded. Especially 9 months in a year because it passes Tallinn Technical University... A good connection to the center but... overcrowded :| Thankfully I am not forced to use it anymore after I moved from one place in Mustamäe to another.

Väike-Õismäe seen from Stroomi beach.

The building in front belongs to Rocca al Mare area. It turned out that I configured their server backup recently :) Although I've never physically entered that nice new building.

Evening views seen from both sides of one of the buildings. Taken with my mobile phone because I didn't have my camera with me.

Seen from Nõmme or Mustamäe, I can't remember.