Tuesday 26 May 2020

661 Jäneda 08.06.2019

Another post ten years later from this small place with an awesome schoolbuilding. Starting from the railway stop this time.

This house looked like this in 2009:

We entered the eating hall and the second floor was for art, most amazing art, just few shots:

These were made by thread!

The incredible schoolbuilding -- originally so. Today it is something else, although related: https://www.maainfo.ee.

660 Elva 2018-2019

Here are three different seasons, accidentally, from one of my favourite towns in South Estonia: autumn, winter, spring.


The local Baptist church.

There were snowy days... Memorable walks around.


I was thinking, is this art or is this time?

I finally found the building that I had looked for. I had a memory from 2000 that there was a nice big block in the forest but I wasn't sure until now when I found it, the local hospital.

This is a kindergarten!