Sunday 14 July 2019

635 Kivi street in Võru 12.07.2018

On the other side of Vanajõgi (Old River) stream there are few more blocks at Kivi (Stone) street and Silikaadi street.

I spent some 10-15 minutes with this dear little friend, right on (a quiet) street, and even took a short video.

Very nice and stylish, even though not a block at all.

Wednesday 3 July 2019

634 Võru 12.07.2018, part 2 of 2

I am coming back from a small block-area near the border of Võru.

New central square under construction.

One can shop here and also eat on the second floor.

One example of the Navitrolla paintings in the eating hall. It is similar to the one in coach station but not identical if one checks the details.

Very interesting detail.

In another centre area.

I found this hidden gem accidentally.

It is very nice.

For comparison, see the one from the eating hall again, they are different: