Saturday 31 December 2011

063 Lasnamäe in December 2005 and September 2006

Now some panorama or just away-from pictures of Lasnamäe.

Those four represent like the beginning of Lasnamäe, I think they were built in 80's, by design.

16.09.06 in Odra street, the same four buildings.

23.09.06 from the steeple of St. Olaf church. Amazing panorama of Lasnamäe! It was a strange day. I was terrified up there in the steeple and wanted to come down at once because I am afraid of heights. But a fat lady walked towards me and I had to make all the way round the steeple... It was awful, but I got so many nice pictures. And then even my mother called me when I was up there: "We have a new president!"

A historic picture where other new buildings are built in Rotermanni area in front... but let's focus on the panorama :-)

Friday 30 December 2011

062 Lasnamäe 19.08.2006

Some nice pictures from Lasnamäe again, from areas called Seli, Mustakivi, Priisle, and Kuristiku.

This is Laagna way, I watch in the direction to the city, Seli is in the left, Mustakivi is far, Kuristiku and Priisle are on the right.

Seli towers, there are six of them, on the edge of Lasnamäe.

Such a nice combination!

I think these two are the towers in Mustakivi, not Seli.

That red building should be a maritime school or something.

New buildings, but I don't like them.

I rather like these new buildings on the right.

Very nice view over the flat area.