Wednesday 23 February 2011

005 Annelinn 2004-2005

So this is the first post about Tartu! I lived there for 7 or 8 years. And of course, Annelinn was my favourite area. I should have some older photos of Annelinn too, made with my analogue camera. Actually I should do a serious trip this summer and grasp all that again, it is really wonderful area! Many blockbuildings are coloured from the beginning, not just grey.

20.06.2004 That should be a school.

Lovely 9-floorers! Oh I admired them a lot...


19.07.2004 Such an artistic view, isn't it?

14.08.2004 Annelinn is on the left side of this street.

15.08.2004 That is a house of aliens from space over there! A school on the left again.

27.05.2005 I had no idea what they planned to built here but I saw that later indeed. You will see the same place in my 2006 post. There will be a very nice building.

27.03.2005 Remember the street on the picture 14.08.2004? Well, the right side of this street had some buildings, a supermarket and some shops, but there wasn't buildings for living because the area was not that firm because of the river Emajõgi. But now they started building on the right side!

15.05.2005 What a nice view! Really nice view! I feel that I have some memories with this view, but maybe I mix up some pictures I've seen from some old picture books.

The construction of new buildings also visible!

Such a tremendous commercial!

29.05.2005 Very nice view from the other side of Emajõgi, Annelinn is visible far away. The church is on the left, left out from the picture.

23.06.2005 I arrived from a long trip on my bike from Southern Estonia, I had biked 77km and then, reaching the edge of Tartu - Annelinn, I made this picture. Fantastic view!

13.11.2005 New houses are ready!


Sunday 13 February 2011

004 Lasnamäe 22.07.2005

Here you can see one of my first longer trips to Lasnamäe in Tallinn, still at the time I didn't live in Tallinn yet. It was a bit cloudy and eventually it started raining but thankfully I could do all the important pictures when walking in the edge of Lasnamäe, on the Narva road. That was nice... I didn't enter this mysterious and amazing world of commieblocks yet... I just watched it from aside, made some reconnaissance... before truly entering there one year later. Enjoy!