Monday 30 June 2014

253 London 07.2010, part 4 of 4

Continuing 03.07.10.

That looks interesting. It looks very similar to Trellick Tower, but it is not that.

Slender and beautiful.

Beton brutalism again.

I got on the wrong track somehow and had to cross the streets where not meant to.

100 yeards? How much is that (in meters)? No idea. (OK, Google search gave me answer: 91.44 m. Google search is smart.)

On DLR tracks again. It looks very nice here.

Totally urban landscape.

Very nice.

How can I miss those houses?


I was hurrying a bit and decided to use DLR to get closer to the Victoria Coach Station.

And I was trapped. I decided to go one stop further to the last stop and didn't find a way out to overground. I had to use metro, for the first time :) It was terrible, but because of one and only reason: it was just packed.

The sound of it, the emptyness...

Driving out of London:

Back to London.

Probably Gatwick airport.

Cloud ambience.

A young elephant?

Back home in Tallinn.

Last but not least: Memories of London. Some London photos from that trip.