Sunday 27 March 2011

007 Mustamäe 05.03.2006

I made a short walking trip in Mustamäe and Kristiine, then came back to Mustamäe. I'll do a separate post for Kristiine part.

So this is in the edge of Mustamäe, on Mustamäe way.

Very nice renovated low buildings in the very edge of Mustamäe and Kristiine, between Mustamäe way and Sõpruse avenue, close to Vaablase street. I wish I saw them before renovation...

On Tammsaare way.

That building is the highest in Mustamäe, 17 floors. Before renovation.

The cross of Tammsaare way and Sõpruse avenue.

Ducks near the Lepistiku park, every winter. There is a big busstop right next to them.

Fantastic view!

That building is the longest in Mustamäe, as far as I know, 8 doors.

Fantastic view again! Now I live in this area ad I see this very often.

View from the cross of Sõpruse avenue and E. Vilde way. Back then this heavily used cross was still in its old form. Now it is all different, with more traffic lights and so.


Tuesday 22 March 2011

006 Kose-Uuemõisa 26.10.2007

So here is an example of a smaller town-like place: Kose-Uuemõisa in Harju county. Such a small place when you check it out from, but there are soviet era two- and three-floorers, block- and brickbuildings. I liked them. I was there because our company had an evening out in "green" with a landscape game (during which I made these photos), a party and so on. Enjoy!

Well, this is something newer, not a blockbuilding at all, but still worth for a shot. Nice building, nice modern architecture, nice contrast to soviet era buildings.