Friday 31 October 2014

304 Belgrade (Београд/Beograd) 11.07.2013, part 1 of 2

On my way back from Ниш/Niš.

This is probably the TV-tower of Београд.

These look like towerblocks in London.

This should be railway station.

Even if you see Cyrillic, don't dare to pronounce it like Russian: it's just wrong! And they have two tch-similar sounds/letters which are pronounced differently: Ћ/Ć and Ч/Č. It was hard to get used to that. Listen to examples in internet. For me personally, it would be easier to read it in Latin (like written in Croatian) because then I wouldn't have automatic Cyrillic-Russian association in my mind. But about the temperature: I didn't feel it was that hot, it was more like 26-28.

I saw many Niva's there, which was so cute.

Such a beauty.

It was a long one!

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