Thursday 2 October 2014

290 Mustamäe renovation examples up to January 2014

These are some examples of recent renovation of old blocks in Mustamäe, taken in January 2014.

This one is very nicely done, at the corner of Sõpruse avenue and Sütiste way (close to Keskuse street, not Vilde way), should be Sõpruse avenue 251. It doesn't happen often that the house looks so nice after renovation.

As you can see, the house changes its colour according to weather :)

I wonder when this one, right next to the renovated one, will be warmed up and covered with something else. I really hope that it will stay white or grey, not some stupid pink or light green, or vivid as crazy. It should be Sõpruse avenue 253 and 255.

A newer house close by (not renovated), Sõpruse avenue 230.

As seen across Sõpruse avenue in Vambola busstop.

Another nice renovation example. The house was nice also before, it's at the corner of Sõpruse avenue and Tammsaare way, Sõpruse avenue 202.

In Sipelga area just across the street, new houses. Sipelga 4a.

Across the street, Sõpruse avenue 175.

Back to between Sõpruse avenue and Vilde way.

Good idea to put numbers on the house like that. It is easier to find a house then. Here, the colour shades are very nicely done.


Vilde way 53. I wonder why this is the first number of Vilde way... Perhaps Sütiste way was Vilde way before?

Examples of almost originals.

Vilde way 55.

This side of it gets little sun, I guess.

Landmark Sõpruse avenue 222 (and Sõpruse avenue 226 at right).

Sõpruse avenue 228 and 232.

Nice view along Sõpruse avenue.

Renovated houses seen from a window of Library of TTÜ (16.11.13).

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