Monday 13 October 2014

292 Mustamäe 02.03.2014

It happened that I did an unplanned walk in Mustamäe and had only my phone with me. But I got some nice views of early spring. For some, it may be depressive though, pictures were taken between 17 and 17:30. I took photos of many renovated houses.

I used to live here, it wasn't renovated back then. I generally find these colours dangerous as too bright, but still, sometimes they fit and here it is quite OK. It is Vilde way 98.

Side of this house.

View across Ehitajate way.

View along Ehitajate way.

A local health institution, or medical centre, one of two in Mustamäe, the smaller one.

That lonely Lasnamäe block :)

I'm not sure if this is the former and eldest schoolhouse that will be demolished soon. If it is, a new sporting center and swimming pool will be built here.

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