Saturday 25 October 2014

299 Mäepealse and Mustamäe from air 22.10.2014

Additional photos to post nr. 291. First Mäepealse area. I see two blocks far awat which are unknown to me. I should go and check them out :)

I see that the building in the centre is new compared to my photos from 19.05.13 (post 218).

Karsti. Two houses are different and newer, built within the last year or so. Three older were finished around 2008 I guess, then building was temporarily stopped because of financial problems everywhere.

Mustamäe. One part of technology area. Skype house partly seen in the top left corner.

The original plan from 1960's was to build 4 towers in a row. Now there is a parking lot instead. Investors!

Sipelga street houses.

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