Monday 13 October 2014

293 Mustamäe from April to September 2014

Views from Magistral shopping centre, taken with my phone. Marvellous views.

Little bit of a halo.

This should be the place for the new free time centre and cinema, at Tammsaare way.

Views from Nõmme, Mustamägi itself -- the hill Mustamäe was named after.

Old town seen over Mustamäe.

More photos of Tallinn Technical University.

New parts follow.

In Sütiste way area.

At Retke way.

At the edge of Mustamäe, Drumsticks restaurant.

One of my all time favourite views.

Especially when zoomed in.

At Retke way, a forgotten door of ambulance house.

Amazing view along Tammsaare way.

Hospital area (PERH) with fresh renovation. That blue is so enjoyable.

Also brand new renovation.

Same house.

I like the architecture of this local shopping and service centre a lot, but I'm afraid it will be taken down soon and something new and probably ugly (or much less nice) will be built here. The differences in ground level are caused by the Mustamägi itself.

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