Monday 13 October 2014

291 Mustamäe and Kitseküla from air 01.03.2014

These are wonderful views of Mustamäe from airplane.

Reaching Mustamäe. Cross of Akadeemia way and Kadaka way. Järveotsa way is seen in lower right, that's where Väike-Õismäe starts. The empty place after the parking lot (with some bushes) will be filled with some towerblocks soon, located on a spiral, this area is already called Pöörise.

It looks like I have never seen those two 2-floorers. Vilde way close to Kaja busstop, and the unique towerblock, very nice.

Cross of Vilde way and Ehitajate way. I see two 2-floorers again that I have never seen before.

Vilde way, Szolnok busstop. Again two 2-floorers that I haven't noticed from the ground.

Cross of Tammsaare way and Mustamäe way.

Tammsaare way.

Cross of Tammsaare way and Sõpruse avenue.

Incredibly nice view of these five nice blocks!

After this, I started filming, so the rest of Mustamäe is seen, and Pärnu road and Kitseküla after that.

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