Thursday 20 November 2014

315 Kristiine around Nõmme tee 11.10.2009 and earlier

Photos around Nõmme tee, Kotka, Spordi and Tulika streets.

This nice block was recently renovated.

Very interesting. I can't remember such from any other place.

Haven't seen such before.

The unique vertical part on the facade makes it interesting.

Also very interesting, first time for me.

An unseen facade again.

Cut the car an you're back in 1960's.

This is very interesting. Looks like one of the last attempts before the brand new and blank architecture took over (examples above).

Couldn't resist adding this one.



Back to 2009. This house has been renovated by now.

A building from that area. There are similar buildings on Turu street in Tartu.

This view also from 13.07.06.

Back part.

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