Tuesday 4 November 2014

308 Nish (Ниш/Niš) in July 2013, part 3 of 4


More excellent beton brutalism!

Looking back at giants.

So interesting!

Pass away annoncements.

Delicious colours.


NI means region that is Niš.

I saw many of these.

But probably only one this:

That should be hospital.

Brand new.

And turning around the corner of this view gave me...

...surprise of the day:

When I saw this, I thought: why do they keep these old an rusty pipes here for so many years when nobody builds here anymore. When I showed this to my friend here in Tallinn, he burst into laughter for the same reason and commented that they should remove all of those pipes. But being there, I was told that this is a brand new building (as was evident from the other side) and this construction wasn't here a month or few ago. Still, I can't help myself, it looks like abandoned for me, for like 20 years.

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