Tuesday 4 November 2014

309 Nish (Ниш/Niš) in July 2013, part 4 of 4

Some close-up views of this red brick style.

A beehive on the balcony! I had never seen that somebody has bees on the balcony.

Another one higher.

Grape leaves and branches.

Amazing architecture. 135-degree angles straight from the 1980's. Examples in Tallinn are Kotka kauplus in Lasnamäe and a white corner building in Narva road in the centre, close to Uus-Sadama busstop.


From the bus window. On the way to Niška Banja.


This should be a medical building.

The whole place was architecturally so nice, like a resort. And maybe it once was.

Yes, covers, they are mandatory because of violent Sun. In recent years there have been 40 degrees in summer. Probably not this summer which was overtly rainy and caused bad floods. But more north, not here.

You see the name of the hotel, Radon? That radioactive element is present in the lukewarm water that comes out from somewhere there. People bathe in this inside. This water has been made publicly available to everybody also outside, we also soaked feet in it.

Soaking feet takes place here:

Nearby park.

Marble steps.

Views to the mountains:

From the bus window, on the way back to Belgrade.

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