Tuesday 4 November 2014

306 Nish (Ниш/Niš) in July 2013, part 1 of 4

Entering Niš. I had already seen some great photos of local architecture, now I saw it by myself.


I have never seen blocks like this before.

Totally new to me.

New again.

Incredibly nice. I went closer next day.

In a lower living area. I was told such houses are insulated from inside. Wow! Otherwise I had thought how can anybody live in such during the cold winter.

As with this and vast majority of blocks: new to me.

One cultural difference: pass away announcements on trees and every possible post. This is right in front of a small indoor marketplace.

We reached an area called Magdonland. I understood this is an area for certain "upper" class of people.

Modernism, perhaps even Scandinavian? Extremely beautiful.

Very special roofs.

One evidence of people being much more connected than in Estonia.

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