Saturday 28 June 2014

249 London 08.2008, part 4 of 4

Here are mostly photos of Canary Wharf, the skyscraper area. It turned out there was a jazz festival or something. Pretty strange, in the middle of tall business houses which are pretty empty in Sunday.

So this is the jazz festival.

It was so beautiful here that I took a video:

This place has address 1 Canada Square or something like that.

Marvellous views everywhere around me...

That was funny!

And a video of it:

Rails of DLR: Docklands Light Railway.

Leaving from Kingston. I remember that there were some young guys and some other group. That other group had vivid discussion on something and I understood nothing. That language is so extraordinary beautiful, but hard to understand. But those guys understood it and smiled on that, like trying to not burst into laughter.

Blocks in UK have their own style, somehow similar, but very different from former Soviet Union blocks.

Tower of British Telecom.

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