Tuesday 3 June 2014

233 Annelinn in 16.09.2012, part 1 of 2

This time I walked in front of and behind buildings at Kalda tee.

This is extaordinary.

I remember my friend wrote once on the paper (in primary school) "Punk's nod". He told me this was written big on a building somewhere. I figured it out later that this had to be the graffiti he saw and recalled it wrong (we didn't study English in primary school).

The vertical text on the wall says "Ado Vabbe ainetel" which means the picture has been drawn after poet Ado Vabbe's drawings (from the first half of 20th century).

Kalda street is on the right, behind the building.

Kalda street is on the left.

Kalda street is on the right.

This was probably the worst painted building in Annelinn. But it's kind of cozy in its wear.

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