Monday 23 June 2014

241 Paljassaare 2007-2013

Even this place has few real blocks and many pre-blocks.

This house looks very nice. Maybe Paljassaare Kalatööstus or Viciunai is the owner of it, I am not sure.


This house is abandoned. Or almost.


View from the 7th floor of...

...this house. It is rare in Tallinn because of 7 floors. I think some navy soliders used to live here before, perhaps they even built it?

Walking along the street, closer to the beach.

For post.

I always enjoy this level of dereliction here.

This is in the former island, now peninsula. Demolished barracks of Soviet army.

Back on Paljassaare way.

I entered the living area around Laevastiku street.

Superb colours.

Yes, I really like this one.

This thing is empty inside as I've seen from aerial photos. It is located at the other edge of Paljassaare peninsula.

Walking back along Paljassaare way. This look is so 1950's.

Very stylish and enjoyable!

Since this area is partly under protection, I include some shots of the nature too. I could add 10 times as much, actually. That wilderness is worth to visit.

The red warning sign says that it is prohibited to walk around in the thatched and coastal area 01.05--31.07, birds are nesting.

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