Monday 23 June 2014

243 Otepää in 2010 and 2012

This nice place in Southern Estonia has nice blocks and nice renovated blocks. I like that the blocks here are pretty different from each other.

I started walking to Kääriku 8 km away from here, to algebra workshop (10th anniversary this year). It wasn't my first time, perhaps 3rd or 4th already.

Reaching Pühajärv (Holy Lake).


I have never seen such variation of this type of building. It looks like a typical house from 1970's but built in late 1980's or even in the next decade.

Why's that there? Just for fun for children? No. It's there because Otepää is a changed version "Oti pää" in Võro, which means "Karu pea" in Estonian, which means "Head of Bear", which itself is coming, as one version is, from a nearby old, high and artificial hill that has form of bear's head.

Also the backside of the house is very interesting.

That's the place I was walking to, to algebra workshop.


Wow, some special design for this type of blocks.

This is the hill that I mentioned above.

Ski centre and stadium. Otepää is called winter-capital of Estonia.

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