Thursday 5 June 2014

235 Annelinn in 24.04.2013, part 1 of 4

This is the trip that I have wanted to do a long time. Comprehensively like that. It is a walk along Anne street in both sides. Since this street and Kalda way are almost parallel, same buildings are seen as in previous posts but from a distance. I enjoyed this trip a lot because I went to the area of nicest 9-floorers in Annelinn. I remember enjoying them many times when I used to live in Tartu. I walked along Anne street sometimes and saw all these. I walked more along Kalda way though.

I couldn't miss this very special "new" beauty. I started from the same place as in the previous trip (cross of Kalda way and Sõpruse avenue).

View along Sõpruse avenue.

Also one of my favourites, they are in different posts.

Backside of it.

I enjoyed this backside of houses a lot: spring plus everything has been cleaned up already. It is so nice.

Amazing view! Especially that I can see the whole building, which is very nice too. There is space to breathe.

There will be a clearer shot below.

One of the many high moments that day.

View over Sõpruse avenue, at the cross of Sõpruse avenue and Anne street.

Anne street.

There will be a closer shot below.

One of my favourite views here.

Colours suit well together.

Nice stripes.

School. I had to wait so that I could get a picture of school (not pupils).

This other side of the building was in a previous post. Here it is closer.

That pond and trees makes the whole view even nicer than it already is.

Very nice, but I feel it's a little bit too bright in this neighbourhood.

Looks like spirit of Tartu? Maybe because I can't remember any such graffiti in Tallinn.

Fantastic perspective.


There is something similar in Mustamäe, not shaded though: photo from 07.04.07, post nr. 73 (and shade looks certainly nicer):

Back to Tartu. There will be more photos of these two, this is the first peek.

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