Saturday 17 June 2017

578 London 23.06.2016, part 3 of 4

I took this photo because of the street name.

Looks old and posh.

Very strange,

That house is not a church but St. Pancras train station or something like that!

Another goal of today reached: Camden Town Hall Annexe. As the original article mentioned, this is a late period example. Thankfully, this hasn't been taken down but has been or will be "improved", as I saw here: I'm not fond of what I saw on that web page.

This is the massive building of British Library. I read from Wikipedia about it and I don't know how is it possible to include those new 8000 books per day / 3 000 000 per year, taking 10 km of shelf length and do that for years.

Robert Elms from BBC said that he likes this building, even when many others don't. I rather agree with those others... I am surprised that this was built on 1970's, it looks rather from 1990's. If it were made of concrete, it would be more plausible. So this is 1970's?

After having had some rest for my back I continued walking.

The voting day reminds itself again. Also, here I was sitting at a bus stop and hoped that the little rain will stop. It was at this moment when I realised it won't and I continued walking under my umbrella.

I reached some sort of a centre, maybe it is called Euston.

Wow, this is nice.

The rain got stronger in time.

I found that this beauty has a name too: Euston Tower. And its address is nowhere near West India Quay :) So I am especially surprised.

By this time, I had entered a phone booth to get some shelter from a heavy rain but I had to move on. It was a real shower at this moment here. And no way I could stop taking photos!

The architecture of these buildings is often very different from the surrounding. In addition, I feel some sort of heaviness and sadness hovering over or surrounding these as opposed to good news and grace from Christian churches. There is a vast difference between the old and new law.

I reached another well-known place called Piccadilly Circus. I've been to here before.

It is strange: why did they change the nice facade of old buildings with something like this? It doesn't suit here at all. It would be outrageous to do something like that in eg Tallinn's Old Town. But since it's been like that for decades, I think, it has become part of this place and normal to everyone.

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