Friday 9 June 2017

575 London 22.06.2016, part 2 of 2: London Borough of Camden

These are my other photos from this fantastic day, taken after having seen Alexandra Road Estate and walking further from it.

Houses like this one, very similar, appeared recently in Tallinn along Sõpruse pst., more precisely at Tedre 55 and Rästa 18. Older versions of these, kind of similar, are at Pärnu mnt. 129c and 131b, but that's not all. This style has become sort of mainstream, at least in Tallinn.

I wanted to go and see also Trellick Tower that was not too far from Alexandra Road Estate, and I probably saw it here with a heavy zoom-in, but unfortunately, my back didn't allow me to go there, I had to get to sit somewhere for rest and then get back to Camden Town area.

Beautiful colours.

Just like those "prisons" in Copenhagen, but this colour is much more acceptable than red.

What a beauty! There was more than one like that.

Sometimes I see these very beautiful buildings and I think how happy people should be living here. The bitter reality is that there is lots of bitterness, greed, crime, bad close relations, everyday arguing etc. But seeing this without knowing anything about it is a bliss.

From, streetview, I saw what was here before: a nice old building! Probably a pub. Strange why such was taken down.

I reached some real blocks accidentally. The house in front is very interesting. Looks like made of plastic at the end of 1970's or little bit later.

I'm very glad I saw some of these real blocks, and good-looking ones!

Another picture of the day.

Here I am on the bus to get back, on the second floor of course.

This is strange. Too simple so it's like a very typical Eastern Europe block. But it's made of bricks!

My goodness... This is one of the worst blocks I've ever seen! I'm not able to express myself fully.

But these towers look absolutely gorgeous! Just the fron building, or the additions to it, should not be there.

More nice architecture.


Wow, yet another bunch of very cool blocks!

As seen on this photo, I noticed that there are so many more shops or institutions with Arabic script then there was last time when I was in London. But maybe it's just this area, I don't know.

Hmm, in Germany there was a place called Odeonsplatz, maybe this is related.

Oxford Street. I was luckily on a bus that went through this very busy area.

Las time I took the photo here was without this decoration.

Interesting, some people like rainbows that much that they've put it on flags.

Here I am close to Victora station (one of them) and walked to my destination.

As for comparison...

Backyards of those long rows of old-looking buildings look like this.

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