Sunday 11 June 2017

576 London 23.06.2016, part 1 of 4

On that day I tried to walk around as much as possible and continue discovering beton brutalism.

More of this building at the end of the day (part 4) when I returned.

Well, who had this idea? Roof touches the ground?

This was in the middle of other buildings and appeared as a surprise because it is very nice.

So this was my first target, Ministry of Justice at Petty France Street.

This building is outrageously cool!

I was so amazed seeing something like that.

But this thing right next to it actually deserves the name brutal instead! It also looks that if one wants to get a little bit more of viewing distance out of the windows, the building has to be built "tilted" and with the ground floor so nobody else could buy it and build something on it. Although, at that time when this was built, it was probably not that much of a problem yet.

Here I entered St. James's Park.

I saw something going on there. Strange suits and strange hats, what's the use?

And there were many people watching all this. It was kind of a theatre I would say. Would they do that without tourists' interest? But on the other hand, just like many other nations have their own traditions and culture, it's just the one that they have had and still want to have so be it.

In the previous times, I have never paid any attention to Buckingham Palace but this time I somehow got right there accidentally.

When I saw these gates, I thought this area is very royal.

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