Friday 16 June 2017

577 London 23.06.2016, part 2 of 4

In this post I reach Institute of Education and Brunswick Centre plus some Westminster and Russell Square.

Interesting and nice tower. I wonder what was the reason for building such a big tower for a clock.

This is Westminster Abbey, close to the clock tower / tower clock.

Here they are both on the same view.

Couldn't miss this one...

It was really the voting day. I wonder what would the public poll say now.

Couldn't miss this one either!

The British Telecom tower.

I recall that there is something similar in Copenhagen, just the building is white and there is also some red, plus flowers behind every window.

Another example of something brutal.

And hey, here it is, one of my goals to see today. Building close to Russell Square at Bedford Way, Institute of Education.

Wow, this looks amazing!

Russell Hotel, quite a masterpiece. One of the best examples of ___-style, whatever the style is.

Imperial hotel, unbelievably nice and modern.

Here I got lost a bit because the map and ways out of Russell Square were somehow misleading. I had to walk back.

Another goal today reached: Brunswick Centre. I'm sure they leave out 'w' when pronouncing it.

That is another building.

In between were cafeterias and other lively stuff.

View from outside. That looks somewhat brutal or rough...

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