Thursday 15 December 2016

517 Rakvere 14.10.2013, part 2 of 4

Part 2 of my trip in Rakvere.

This reminds me a (former?) factory entrance at Filosoofi street in Tartu.

Wow! This is something really different and interesting! Like Western Europe if it only were less run down. The attic floor is also very interesting because usually there isn't anything like that, and some houses have this very low.

Very cool building.

The above place was here, in the left.

This was one of the main types of blocks there. In Tallinn, there is one such in Mustamäe, at least one in Pelguranna (or similar to it), then there was one in Paldiski, but here there are many such.


This is a real beauty from 1970's.

This is the central square.

That one looks like a block in Maardu.

A building that used to give a real city feeling, at least to me. In Valga, there is something similar, but green. And central market in Tallinn has somewhat similar design.

Surprise -- one of the nicest types of blocks found in Tallinn (scattered around here and there in Nõmme) is also presented here.

By the way it looks like, it seems to be a commieblock dream. I Don't know the inside quality though.

This was probably a soviet-time memorial. I doubt that they've changed the memorial itself and have left the surrounding the same.

Interesting place.

This is a former church. Probably a new and modern building built in First Republic.

Strange that the Roman number of the year uses long form of Roman numbers.

And, probably a natural continuation from soviet time, this former church is still used as a gym and for other sports like wrestling.

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