Monday 5 December 2016

513 Peri 23.07.2016

This is yet another place not too far from Põlva which I have wanted to visit for a long time. Finally, all matched this time and so I finally saw it.

As it happened once again, my camera's wheel was one turn off and it took a whole series of photos by itself. I'm much less of an artist than this camera, it's evident :)

Superb art.

Gloomy memories.

One homeowner has created an architectural disaster here.

Oh dear, here are even more architectural disasters. It is probably the only place where I have seen such interesting orange areas behind the windowsills. (There were probably similar blocks in Himmaste, that is, on the other direction from Põlva.) It looks like it was too much avangarde and gets easily broken. And one homeowner has closed the balcony altogether.

Nice colours.

I noticed only now that the doors of staircase halls were missing! Also, the first time ever I see that someone has closed the balcony only partly! The one with Swedish flag. Unbelievable, I could never have thought of this.

Very similar view to the one in Rebasmäe (between Orava and Ilumetsa). This is very beautiful, at the edge of Peri.

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