Saturday 3 December 2016

510 Eira 06.07.2015

I came into this area (in or close to Ullanlinna) because this was suggested to me by a Finnish man once when I asked about architecturally interesting places to visit in Helsnki. It turned out to be a very interesting and enjoyable area, perhaps most memorable of all. This small area, like a park, is full of art deco buildings and maybe some others too.

At the edge of it was already a masterpiece. Eira itself is on the other side of this street Laivurinkatu (Tehtaankatu is on the left and behind me). It is interesting that the word 'katu' seems to come from Swedish 'gata(n)' and Danish 'gade' which seem to be related to English 'gate'. But this hasn't come into Estonian.

This car looks just perfectly beautiful.

This was Norwegian embassy. I don't know when was this built but it can be that it's relatively new. There are elements which seem to be like the style of 1960's but still, something is missing to give this enjoying experience. I guess if there were more windows (on this side) and they were different then it could be a perfectly nice house.

Rocky ground.

One of my favourites.

One of the rare cases where I don't mind the mixture of yellow and red.

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