Sunday 16 February 2014

217 Mustamäe in April 2013, Lepistiku and Parditiigi parks

Last April had both snow and no-snow times. And little bit more nature in this post.


The weather was suddenly pink! Pink world... Thankfully the night washed it all off (to white).

I really prefer blue to pink and that was there in the very next day.

Lepistiku park.

Today I just came from work and decided to do my long-time dream: walk around in Parditiigi park (Duck Pond Park) in spring. The wet ground and lots of water around are parts of my childhood memories. This small park is surrounded by blocks! It is located right next to the busiest road that goes through Mustamäe: Tammsaare way. It is like local "magistraal" (like motorway or highway but on the same level and having crosses with other streets) that connects different parts of Tallinn.

Buildings on the other side of Tammsaare way. Just four of them actually, plus two others at the edges, one facing the park with side, the other being rather a towerblock a little bit farther.

The Duck Pond itself.

Siplega houses as seen over Sõpruse avenue.

This one was finished by June.

Tammsaare way.

Well, the weather was nice so I decided to visit the neighbouring Lepistiku park too.

Lepistiku park has a very beautiful stream.

So cute that ducks can live in these parks and in surrounding greener areas all over the year.

That cool look shows the area right behind the Magistral shopping centre (

"Wake up" (said to many people).

At the very edge of Mustamäe, on Kadaka way. Don't know what house is it, something public.

Akadeemia way.


Closer blocks are in Mustamäe. Far away in the right there are buildings from Haabersti. Then Kopli bay and then Naissaar island.

I am very happy that they kept it white (actually it was more grey before).

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