Saturday 1 February 2014

205 Himmaste 2013

I visited Himmaste last autumn to see the place where I used to work at the beginning of 2000's for 2-3 summers. It is only few kilometers away from Põlva. The place had very nice bricks and blocks which I didn't even notice back then. I rather remember the very beautiful nature that we passed while getting to work every morning from Veriora.

Approaching Himmaste from Põlva.

That looks like one in Veriora which was the last block and pretty different from others: one entrance for one apartment, two floors.

This is very interesting: a typical block (balconies in both sides even for one apartment, examples in Põlva) but only two entrances. Usually such blocks have four entrances. This is the unfortunate type where neighbours have to share common balcony, there is only a concrete panel as tall as the edge of balcony separating. Maybe here somehow only one apartment has the whole balcony but I doubt. The block further away is also very typical and older (examples in Põlva, Veriora, Hargla).

I feel that an old type building has been built here in the next decade (1980's).

Then there was another one like that, but it was especially interesting because it had the brick-like parts below the windows and also the hall windows were only half the possible height. Usually the whole part is full of windows. I had a nice discussion with a woman who lives in this house and she said that they replaced the upper windows with something else (or covered it?) so the hall will stay more warm. I thought it was built like that in the first place.

How can I miss such a nostalgic beauty?

Nice one! So sorry that I didn't check the back part of this house. Maybe it is identical to the one where I grew up (at least outside).

The woman I talked to told  me that that should be library over there.

Getting closer.

The other part of this is shop and post office and maybe something more.

From here I started going to the place where I used to work.

Old memories... These were once barns, either for pigs or cows I think. Nature behind these was so nice but I skipped it this time.

I worked here. Office was in the corner we had lunch here, although I didn't like to eat with others so I ate outside alone, sitting behind a neighbouring house in the grass and reading a very interesting book about universal algebra.

I do have an extraordinary memory with the building in the right. It was the place where big logs will be sawed first, after what they will be sent to the house in the left. I was in this house ("saekaater") in a nice summer morning when there was some problem with the huge saw-machine and it had to be repaired from the under part of it. So the floor was partly taken off, there was some space below the floor and the level of ground where it was possible to go and fix it. I also went there and watched it from aside. The view was stunning and I felt that I am back in soviet time: some old fashioned machine was being fixed, it was the beginning of a working day, sun shone very nicely through some places so that it lightened the whole place enough and in a very nice way. I knew that I will remember this more than just that moment and I did. I didn't have a camera back then... And if I had, the contrast was too big so the photo would be crap anyway.

The inner yard. I remember cleaning roofs from sawdust.

This part was for varnishing.

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