Saturday 1 February 2014

208 Pelguranna 31.03.2007

My first more detailed photo tour in this area.

We walked along this street and photographed houses in the left. This street goes straight to the right side of Stroomi beach.

This is nice.

Ну что это такой?

Pretty nice row of colours.

Strange house: so narrow windows, but looks nice anyway.

This is "Kajakas", not "Majakas", both words are sea-related (first means seagull and the other: lighthouse).

I liked this place, it was local centre.

That white house was on Sitsi side already. Renovated by today.

This area, because very depressing to me (not that much in such day though), had a closer exploration by me not before than four years later.

In Stroomi beach area, which is more in the right.

Väike-Õismäe seen from Stroomi beach.

On Kolde avenue.

Just so beautiful!

Under construction.

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