Friday 7 February 2014

212 Pelguranna 22.04.2011, part 3 of 3

It was getting darker but how could I stop walking around in this interesting area?

Okay... There's even a hole to look outside!

 I minimised the brightness of my camera to take such shots.

Little bit later.

Very nice!

Oh dear...

This one is already nice as it is originally. I am sure it will become worse after renovation.

Acceptable colours.

This is something unique, perhaps built at the beginning of 1990's when just plain blocks were considered too boring already. There is similar try-to-be-different-from-the-past-architecture also in Nõmme way. I don't like it much, but it can be considered more Scandinavian perhaps. Or Russian?

That is nice. I saw such in-between parts also in Rīga.

Something was going on there with police and young people (no surprise). I just walked around them and took photos.

Those colours... I have never seen something like that on the sea. People having view to the beach have a treasure.

In my previous trips I shot these buildings only from the other side.

I wanted to enter the hall of this house at the other end to take some photos from upper part. But the two girls who were chatting in front of the door were suspicious and one of them blushed a bit and told me: "Take photos of what?" I didn't start persuading them. Yet another sad moment like that.

One of the nicely renovated beauties.

Rakvere has lots of houses like that. There is also one in Mustamäe, some in Keila. I'm not sure about Maardu...

It was getting harder and harder to take any nice photos so I had to finish my trip.

Just few more photos of this nice area, probably already Pelgulinn, not Pelguranna anymore.

Back to Sõle street.

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