Saturday 31 December 2011

063 Lasnamäe in December 2005 and September 2006

Now some panorama or just away-from pictures of Lasnamäe.

Those four represent like the beginning of Lasnamäe, I think they were built in 80's, by design.

16.09.06 in Odra street, the same four buildings.

23.09.06 from the steeple of St. Olaf church. Amazing panorama of Lasnamäe! It was a strange day. I was terrified up there in the steeple and wanted to come down at once because I am afraid of heights. But a fat lady walked towards me and I had to make all the way round the steeple... It was awful, but I got so many nice pictures. And then even my mother called me when I was up there: "We have a new president!"

A historic picture where other new buildings are built in Rotermanni area in front... but let's focus on the panorama :-)

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