Sunday 4 December 2011

059 Lasnamäe and Laagna way in June 2006

Now this one is like an extended trip of my February's trip (post 058). It is just so amazing that I run out of words to describe it... Actually I got shocked. It was my long awaited summer phototour to the biggest blockarea in Estonia.

I started from Majaka street. Actually, while writing this, I was on the car on the same street today :) But the weather was certainly different.

This is rarity: 6 floors!

Now this is a pearl. Can you imagine something so advanced and well done as this? I'm running out of words to describe feelings when I see this view. Stunning!

And this. It's almost unbelievable that I live in a city with views like this... The name of this road is Laagna tee (Laagna way). It goes nonstop through all the Lasnamäe, and there are many bridges that cross this road on the second level.

The entrance of Art Museum Kumu from Lasnamäe part.

One view into another direction.

Very nice new buildings!

One of the many bridges.

A new building on the edge of Lasnamäe, right next to Lauluväljak. It is possible to see the concerts in Lauluväljak from this building.

These are besides Smuuli way. Wonderful again!

Absolutely amazing!

Gorgeous view!

Fantastic! One of the many pearls of this day... Shockingly beautiful!

This is Peterburi way.

18.06.06 on Pirita road. These four nice blocks are visible, like symbols of Tallinn.

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