Monday 5 December 2011

061 Lasnamäe in 12.08.2006

Some photos from the back part of Lasnamäe--a short little area in Alvari street in Katleri area. There are some different buildings, even brand new!


All the empty field is empty because USSR collapsed before Lasnamäe was finished. So they still build it.

What on earth is that?

Now back to the main part.

Isn't that awesome?

This should be new street the name of which was not certain back then. Today it is a new street called Tähesaju (Starfall). Pretty strange for Lasnamäe which has usually very Estonian names on streets.

Today this empty area is filled with buildings and shopping center.

And also this area.

This is the building process of one of the many buildings, probaly Prisma shopping center.

And that is the end of Lasnamäe, six nice towers! An area called Seli, probably after a name of a village that was here before Lasnamäe.

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